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Making Money Online – Web Income Stream
Guides and tips for making money online

Climbing up 45n5 Top Money Making Blogs list.

July 31st, 2008

If you haven’t heard – 45n5.com is a website dedicated to online money making opportunities. They compiled own list of “Top 100 Online Money Making Blogs” which updated probably few times a month.

Blogs are rated based on Google PR, Technorati blog rank, Alexa traffic rating and some other benchmarks.

In the addition to the Top 100 Money Making blogs 45n5.com have a list of “Upcoming” resources where you can submit your own blog if it fits the online money making niche.

I have submitted Web Income Stream to be included in the database few weeks back and now proudly :) found it in the position #354 (4th from the bottom…) One thing that seem not to work properly is a page rank – pages with PR0 and without any PR will display PR: “N/A”. Also I know some sites have changed page ranks during last Google update but those changes were not reflected in 45n5 statistics… Read full article » »

Affiliate Marketing – Learn From The Pro

July 23rd, 2008

It has been a known promotional technique to hold contests for generating extra traffic to the website. If you offer nice bonus to the winner usually word will spread up quickly and spike in activity is almost guaranteed. There are probably hundreds of different contests going on all over the web but I could not leave one specific contest unnoticed: John Chow is holding contest on his blog for new Market Leverage affiliates.

What is so different about this contest? As many probably know, John Chow is one of the top well know internet marketers and his money making blog gets thousands of visitors daily. According to his own words monthly revenues he generates from the blog are ranging from 25 to 40+ thousands dollars. And here is an example why… Read full article » »

Making Money with Online Surveys

July 20th, 2008

Question number one: is it really possible to make money with online surveys? I would say yes, it is possible, but so far I did not see anyone who could make good living from participating in online surveys.

online surveysIf you Google for Online Surveys – you’ll get over ten million results and most of them will promise great payments ($25 to $150 per hour), free product to try and a lot of other interesting things. In reality most of those sites will just provide a referral links to other referral sites etc…

There are actual legitimate research sites that will pay for taking online surveys, but most of them pay from $1 to $20 (nowhere close to $150…) in cash per completed survey and other part will offer cash equivalent you can redeem in selected products or keep trial samples. Read full article » »

How website niche can affect potential earnings

July 16th, 2008

Let’s be honest – unless it is you hobby, most of the websites are started with the purpose of making money.

If you are good on what you doing, your website has quality unique content and you are generating good amount of traffic – most likely you will not have problems finding advertiser to pay you directly for ad space.
For majority of new websites it’s not the case and the most common website monetization tactic is inserting Pay-Per-Click advertisement feeds (like Adsense, YPN, Kontera) or banners from affiliate networks. Now your earnings will be determined by how many people click on your ads.

Can you make money with PayPerClick ads? Lets take a deeper look… Read full article » »

Making Money with Web Directory

July 12th, 2008

First of all let’s define “Web Directory” – it is an online catalog of some kind of products or resources organized by categories.

There are many php and asp scripts available so it’s pretty easy start a new stand-alone directory or add one to your existing website.

World Web DirectoryThe main advantage of having directory within your blog or site – it provides additional relevant content and gives your visitors more reasons to stay on the website longer. Properly structured and well maintained directory may also bring extra traffic that otherwise you probably would not get… Another plus of having directory – it can generate additional and very significant revenues.
Read full article » »

Selling your Services Online

April 4th, 2008

Have you ever been in situation when you need to make few dollars fast? In those cases selling your services online could be a perfect solution.

Let’s say you are an expert or at least very competent in some kind of field like writing, programming, design or something else web related. You should be able to find a client for your skill very easy on one of the active webmasters forums like Digital Point or UK Webmasters World.

There are thousands of people constantly visiting those forums to find some answers or outsource some work that they are don’t have time or knowledge to do themselves.

It is essential to be a member of active high traffic forums to market your services and also to promote websites. Creating and maintaining good name in webmasters community is much more important for online business than off line one since information on the net is spreading with the speed of light…
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