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Making Money with Web Directory

First of all let’s define “Web Directory” – it is an online catalog of some kind of products or resources organized by categories.

There are many php and asp scripts available so it’s pretty easy start a new stand-alone directory or add one to your existing website.

World Web DirectoryThe main advantage of having directory within your blog or site – it provides additional relevant content and gives your visitors more reasons to stay on the website longer. Properly structured and well maintained directory may also bring extra traffic that otherwise you probably would not get… Another plus of having directory – it can generate additional and very significant revenues.

About a year ago whole business with directories was taken to the extreme when people were starting low quality obvious link farms by thousands. To prevent manipulation of search results Google has changed theirs approach to indexing and evaluating pages. Large part of those made-on-the-fly directories was removed from Google index and left to die…

World Web DirectoryFor directory to succeed – it has to provide QUALITY content to it’s visitors. And by “visitors” I mean people who came to your site looking for resources, not webmasters who want to submit websites to your directory. For example I was checking traffic sources for my World Web Directory and saw that many search terms which brought visitors were related to individual pages that I have optimized for every listing. I described in more details how to improve quality of directory on my Directory Resources blog.

How do you make money with directory? If you can maintain high quality, free of junk directory, especially if it’s highly targeted narrow niche – people will gladly to pay for inclusion. Higher the traffic and more competitive niche – higher the price you may charge for submissions.

The biggest mistake many directory owners make – they concentrate on the webmasters who submit their sites and accept many low quality resources as long as people are ready to pay. I repeat one more time – your goal is to provide high quality content to your visitors, even if you have to refuse some money. In the long run it will pay of handsomely…

eSyndicat Directory SoftwareAs I mentioned before, there are many pre-made scripts available to power up directory but from my own experiense I would highly recommend eSyndicat Directory Software. It’s a powerful, highly customizable script which can be used as a stand-alone directory or you can build whole portal with it. There is a free version with less features available to try it out but you should definitely go for the Pro version (only $75 with unlimited life time upgrades).

So… here it is – another potential revenue stream for you – Web Directory.

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3 Responses to “Making Money with Web Directory”

  1. internet 4 money Says:

    But we compete with the big money group if want a directory as our business


    Webby Reply:

    You should not worry about competing with big money or other directories. As long as you can provide high quality content to your end users (read – “web surfers”, not “submitters”) – your directory will survive and bring in paid submissions.


  2. Keyword Directory Says:

    I completely agree with your point about providing quality to visitors. Too often money dictate if junk sites will be included.


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