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I am sure everyone heard word “diversify” many times but mostly it’s used when someone is talking about the investments.
I will use word “diversify” in relationship to online business.
There are many ways to make money online and I will talk about them later on but right now lets concentrate on the blog as the one of your potential internet streams of income.

I will call it Blog Income Stream.

Probably easiest and fastest option to get started with new blog is to use free Blogger account from Google.

Why Blogger? The answer is simple – it’s easy, it’s fast, and most important – it’s free! Wouldn’t you like someone offering you fully equipped store to use rent free? That’s exactly what Blogger gives you – fully featured online store.
You still want to personalize the blog to make it unique and attractive to the visitors. Building online business image and brand recognition probably even more important that for a regular off line business.

There are many other portals that offer free blogs as subdomains on their servers, but if you decided to go with “free” blog option I would suggest to stick with Blogger or WordPress hosted blogs.

Sure there are more professional options like using your own domain name, hosting servers, more advanced publishing software (like Subrion CMS for example), but you can get back to these options after you get initial presence on the web and become more comfortable with working on your blog.

Now most important questions:

– Can you make money with blog? – The answer is Yes!
– Will you make money with your blog? – It’s entirely up to you…

There are tons of advertisements who promise to make you an Internet Millionaire working few hours a week – forget about it!
As any new business your new online business (and that is exactly what your blog will be – online business) requires hard work and dedication.

Lets use the same example I was giving before – the store. In the beginning your blog is like a little newsstand on the middle of nowhere with no customers and empty shelfs.
Your goal is to turn it into a Designers store on the Park Avenue in New York City…

The competition is very high and new blogs are started every second. Only few of them will survive and prosper. Will yours be one of them?

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