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Climbing up 45n5 Top Money Making Blogs list.

If you haven’t heard – is a website dedicated to online money making opportunities. They compiled own list of “Top 100 Online Money Making Blogs” which updated probably few times a month.

Blogs are rated based on Google PR, Technorati blog rank, Alexa traffic rating and some other benchmarks.

In the addition to the Top 100 Money Making blogs have a list of “Upcoming” resources where you can submit your own blog if it fits the online money making niche.

I have submitted Web Income Stream to be included in the database few weeks back and now proudly :) found it in the position #354 (4th from the bottom…) One thing that seem not to work properly is a page rank – pages with PR0 and without any PR will display PR: “N/A”. Also I know some sites have changed page ranks during last Google update but those changes were not reflected in 45n5 statistics…

I understand – there is nothing to brag about being on the bottom of the list but this is just an interesting challenge for myself climbing up that list and see where you are standing compared with well known internet marketers. Just recently I finally found time to get this blog of the ground and let’s see where it will take mew few month down the road…

Another positive thing I realized about 45n5 Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs – it DOES sent some traffic to my site even though my Web Income Stream is all the way near the bottom. According to the Live FeedJit Traffic Statistics I get at least one visitor a day from

If your website or blog is discussing affiliate marketing or online money making opportunities you should definitely submit it to 45n5 list – inclusion is free and you may get some additional traffic from it. Also you can have fun watching your standings compared to industry leaders…

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7 Responses to “Climbing up 45n5 Top Money Making Blogs list.”

  1. Blog Tactic Says:

    Even without PR, you can jump the rank if your Alexa and Technorati rank is higher. So while waiting for PR update.


  2. Amino Says:

    My blog has recently climbed on the list from 344 to 319. How about we start a challenge to get to the top? ;)


  3. BlogSavvy Says:

    I found you through the top100, but i started at the bottom and was checking each site to see if it was DEAD or not, good to see you still alive! Keep it up.


  4. Dusty Says:

    I would be interested in that kind of challenge as well. I started my blog a few days ago and have not even submitted it to 45n5 yet (although that is how I found you). We should organize a “new” blog challenge. Could be fun!


  5. Tom - Says:

    Everyone starts somewhere. I have climbed my way to 133, but I want to have cracked 100 in the next month hopefully!


  6. Meeting rooms Says:

    On my money making blog, If started working my way up to 300 but have set myself a target – a realistic one as well …Let’s see how the next couple of months fairs..


  7. joe Says:

    Thanks for the update man,..
    things on your blog really help out…



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