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Multi Browser Compatibility

When designing a layout for your website it is essential to check it in multiple browsers.

Few years back over 90% of web surfers were using Microsoft Internet Explorer but nowadays other browsers fast gaining share of the market. Most popular are Mozilla FairFox and Opera.

Even Internet Explorer has released new version (IE7) which works much different from the preceding version (IE6).

Layout and styles configured to work fine in IE may appear all broken or not readable in other browsers. I can guarantee – no one will open another browser just to see your site, so you will loose potential customer.

Multiple browsers can be easily installed on your computer without any interference with exception of IE versions – you can have only one version running.

This is even more important if your site has anything to do with web design services. I know a pretty good graphic designer whose site is all messed up when viewed in FairFox and he refuses to fix it. Than he is wondering why there is no new business and no one wants to advertise on his site…

So… Take your time to make website multi browser compatible or hire someone to do it for you – you will appreciate it later

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2 Responses to “Multi Browser Compatibility”

  1. Web Directory Says:

    You are 100% correct on this one. As a directory owner I get to see a lot of websites and if they open broken in my browser I automatically reject these submissions.


  2. Website Design UK Says:

    Thanks for sharing multi browser.


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