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How website niche can affect potential earnings

Let’s be honest – unless it is you hobby, most of the websites are started with the purpose of making money.

If you are good on what you doing, your website has quality unique content and you are generating good amount of traffic – most likely you will not have problems finding advertiser to pay you directly for ad space.
For majority of new websites it’s not the case and the most common website monetization tactic is inserting Pay-Per-Click advertisement feeds (like Adsense, YPN, Kontera) or banners from affiliate networks. Now your earnings will be determined by how many people click on your ads.

Can you make money with PayPerClick ads? Lets take a deeper look…

Pay Per Click Advertisers

It will depend a lot on the theme (or niche) of your website. For popular competitive niche there will be a lot of advertisers bidding for the keywords and paying higher price per click to be in the top spot. In this case every click may earn you few dollars. For less popular subjects competition will be much lower and earnings per click could be just a few cents.

Second determining factor for making money from PayPerClick ads would be placement those ads in high visible spots but in the same time not affecting visitors browsing experience. If it’s a text links – ALWAYS adjust colors to match main theme of the website.
I am not going to go into details about proper ad placements – there are tons of tips and recommendations on each and every ad network.

Let’s get back to the main subject – how theme of the website affects amount of money you may potentially earn… For you to get paid people have to click on your ads. Who is most likely to click on those ads or content links? People who doesn’t know that it is an ad or not aware (or don’t care) that you are getting paid for those clicks. The worst possible category of visitors in the view of bringing you any kind of commissions are WEBMASTERS! No matter how perfect you place ads on the website and blend it in with the rest of the content – they will see them and will go extra mile not to click on it (even if they are very interested in this advertisement).
In other words less tech savvy is the visitor – more likely he will click on the banner or text link.

Next time you get an idea for a new website keep in mind these little tips:

– make sure there is a large potential market in this niche. Do some Google search for related keywords and see how many results there are.

– check few search results pages deep and pay attention how many different advertisers you see in the sponsored boxes: more often you see the same ads – less advertisers are bidding for these search terms and less money you will get paid per click…

– try to target less tech savvy people (kids, women…) and STAY AWAY from anything webmaster related! :)

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  1. Vote for this article at Says:

    How website niche can affect potential earnings…

    Why some websites with low traffic make dissent amount of money with Pay-Per-Click ads and some high traffic sites can not make anything? What to keep in mind when choosing niche for a new website……

  2. Blogsvine Says:

    How website niche can affect potential earnings – From WebIncomeStream…

    What to keep in mind when thinking of starting a new website. Why some low traffic websites are making dissent money from PayPerClick advertisements and some more popular high traffic sites are struggling with monetization….

  3. Says:

    Niche of the website and potential PayPerClick earnings…

    Why some high traffic websites are having problems monetizing it and other less popular ones with low amount of visitors are making dissent money from PayPerClick advertisements….

  4. Jon Says:

    I agree that webmaster/internet marketing related fields don’t do so well with pay-per-click advertising profit models because of the fact those people know what the ads are there for, and also know that behind the ad is someone selling something…

    This is why I think webmaster/internet marketing niche websites should focus on building up good content, traffic, and then selling adspace and making money from product sales and affiliate product sales.


  5. directory submission Says:

    Great work! I also have my own blog I just find it hard to write quality content like this.
    I guess I really don’t have the time.


  6. Richard Adams Says:

    I completely agree that the niche can make a massive effect. I set up two blogs a few years ago in two different niches. One niche was low competition, the other high competition. What I found, strangely, was that the high competition niche – from which I only got a handful of visitors – actually made me far more money because these were people ready to spend money.


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